Orange Rolls Cooked in Oranges

We started our Easter morning here enjoying the sunshine with a breakfast of Orange Rolls cooked in Oranges.

I got this idea from the blog Truly Simple. They made these over a fire while camping, which is a genius idea when you have limited cooking utensils and an open fire.

Of course it is always more impressive to make something from scratch, and those two constantly impressive queens of food blogging, Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen teamed up to create an orange roll recipe that I am sure is amazing… but for us mortals who are also having 20 people over in a couple of hours, the Pillsbury Orange Rolls work out very nicely for this. (I have plans to make the from scratch version some time, but I have a lot of plans.)

To make these at home:
Slice 4 oranges in half and cut out the insides.IMG_2370

(Reserve the insides to eat as a refreshing balance to the sweetness of the rolls.) IMG_2378Place one roll in each orange half
Bake them according to the package directions

When they are done, glaze them
Then eat them… fun, sweet, delicious.

IMG_2375We had these with scrambled eggs and bacon, which I think are good salty companions to this very sweet treat, and off course the reserve orange insides and a mimosa to round out the meal.


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