Colonial Games

Any of these games/recreations may have been played at the first Thanksgiving, and can easily be played today.

Stool Ball might replace the family touch football game as a way to work up an appetite. A predecessor to modern baseball (the All-American Game). It is played on grass with 11 players per team, so the whole family can get involved.

Quoits is the forerunner to the modern game of horseshoes. Quoits are rope or metal rings that were tossed at a stake in the ground. The game evolved into Horseshoes when people who could not afford to have the quoits made used what was available to toss at the stakes.

The game of Tag existed in much the same form as it does today, with one person declared “IT” chasing everyone else around.

Hopscotch (Scotch Hoppers) was developed in Great Britian during the Roman Occupation for military training. Roman soldiers conditioned themselves for the 400 mile journey from London to Glasgow on hopscotch courts in full armour, much like football players running drills through tires do today. Children imitated the soldiers and the game of hopscotch was born.


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