Open Sandwiches

With your left over bread you can make some small, open faced sandwiches. Your only limit is your imagination and the ingredients you can locate. But here are few ideas:

Dill Havarti and Gravlax Sandwich
Dill is considered the Scandinavian Herb. The old Norse word “dilla” meant to lull or soothe, and it was used a remedy for colic and upset stomachs. Dill is the essential ingredient that distinguished Scandinavian Gravlax from other culture’s smoked salmon.

Havarti is a Danish, semi-soft cheese. It was created by Hanne Nielsen on a farm north of Copenhgen in the mid-19th Century.

Or celebrate Vinland’s salmon streams with a Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich with a little sprig of dill.

Cream Cheese and Lingonberry Jam Sandwich
Lingonberry Jam in Sweden and other Nordic countries is like grape jelly in the U.S., a staple item. But they are also a popular wild picked fruit in the Canadian Provinces of Newfoundland adn Labrador, which must have made Lief and his companions feel right at home.


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