Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast me hearties! The time is upon us to go on account, carry ye letters of marque and make parley. No Prey, No Pay ye cowardly swabs! Talk Like A Pirate Day is nigh. Bring out yer eye patch, yer peg leg and yer hook hand. Dance a jig, fly your black flag and let your enemies know that they must strike their colors if they expect any quarter to be given.

Despite being violent thieves and murderers, Pirates appeal to our spirit of adventure, freedom and entrepreneurialism. The pirate ship operated as a democracy long before Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. They were one of the only fairly successful experiments in socialism, where spoils were evenly split among the crew. In the Golden Age of Piracy the social hierarchy in legitimate society was extremely rigid, and the idea of rising above your station was almost impossible. The life of a pirate promised an opportunity to be master of your own destiny, even if that destiny usually led to an early and watery grave. It was a life that even appealed to some women. Which isn’t all that surprising, since the roles available women in those days were even more limiting. If a woman had the skills and knowledge to command a ship bring profit to her crew, there were no social mores to prevent her from doing just that. There was probably a lot more that was unpleasant about the life of a pirate than we like to think about (weevil infested biscuits, scurvy, constant threat of death) but Talk Like a Pirate Day is about celebrating the swashbuckling roguishness as well as the brilliantly colorful vocabulary of these seafaring criminals. Everyone from my two year lad to your 90 year old grandmother knows how satisfying it is to bellow out AAARRGGHHH!

So raise a tankard of Grog with your wenches, open your coffers, pull out a few doubloons and put on a pirate feast. This is not a holiday to worry yourself with the reality of a pirate’s life. This day is about Captain Jack Sparrow, Errol Flynn, Flying from the sails with a sword in hand and getting the girl.

Ahoy Mateys! Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!


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