Rum Bumbo

A punch that was popular dating back to medieval times. The rum version evolved as Caribbean molasses began being distilled to make a strong and often harsh spirit in the 16th Century. Spices were added to make it more drinkable. A predecessor to “Captain Morgan Spiced Rum” perhaps.

2 oz Dark rum
1 oz Chilled Water
2 Sugar Cubes (brown or cane sugar)
Sprinkle Cinnamon
Sprinkle Nutmeg
Combine all ingredients and stir. Bumbo doesn’t take ice, it is served only slightly cooled. But it’s ok if you want to add ice, as that is the modern preference. Bumbo could also include coconut water or any tropical fruit juice, pirates were always looking for ways to avoid scurvy, as well as drink more rum, so why not combine the objectives?


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