Szalonna (Bacon Sandwich)

Bacon seems like a good name for the Hungarian szalonna. However, szalonna is much more than the Hungarian version of Bacon, it is a national treasure, and some say that in actuality, Bacon is the English version Szalonna. Bacon most likely got its name from a type of Hungarian szalonna produced in the Bakony region, which became a distinguished commodity throughout the world.

Szalonna or Hungarian Bacon can be purchased at most Hungarian or Polish Delis or Butcher shops, and can probably be special ordered from any fine butcher. But no worries if you can find it, any thickly cut slap bacon will do.

Build an open flame and load up a skewer with slices of bacon.

Cook the bacon over the flame, periodically pulling it off and dripping the fat over slices of rye bread.
Then pile on sliced radishes, onions and cabbage

In the old days in Hungary, this would be a decadent peasant meal, the sandwich of cabbage, radishes and onions with bacon fat for flavor. The serfs would take the drippings from the land owners bacon to flavor their meals. In these more glutinous times, go ahead and add an actual slice of bacon or two.


2 thoughts on “Szalonna (Bacon Sandwich)

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  2. I love the Hungarian posts. I lived there for a year and every now and then get cravings for goulash, sour cherry soup and goose liver pate. The recipes you posted look amazing, especially the cucumber salad!

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